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The Dark People: Witnesses of The Russian Revolution by Harvery Pitcher

"...Just across the hall outside was the office of
the Credentials Committee for the Congress of Soviets.
I stood there watching the new delegates come in -
burly, bearded soldiers,
workmen in black blouses, a few long-haired peasants.
The girl in charge...smiled contemptuously. "These are very
different people from the delegates to
the First Congress,' she remarked. 'See how rough and ignorant
they look!
The Dark People..." It was true; the depths of Russia had been stirred,
and it was the bottom which came uppermost now."

This was written by the American, John Reed, in 1917. A Communist, he thought that it was good that the 'Dark People' had taken over. Many others were not so sure...

This wonderfully interesting, but heavy book takes the reader right into the thick of the Revolution through the eyes of many witnesses. They include Sir Georg…

TBR Challenge

I am joining the TBR Challenge at: TBR
You list 12 books on your TBR list and hope to finish them by the end of the year. I am joining late so I doubt that I'll manage this one! If you wish you can list 12 alternates.

Here's my list:

Tara's Fortune by Geraldine O'Neill. (I'm reading this now.)
Governor Ramage by Dudley Pope
Christmas Lessons by Janine Boissard
A Time to Choose by Janine Boissard
A Place in the World Called Paris
Smiley's People by le Carre
The Naked Heart by Mark d'Arbanville
Earls and Girls by Madeleine Bingham
No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason (I'm reading this now.)

The Burning Man by Phillip Margolin
Wild Reel by Paul Brandon
Victorian Outsider by Roy McMullen: I've tried to read this but I am just not that interested in Whistler, although I like his paintings!