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A Song in the Daylight by Paullina Simons

Clementine Churchill A Life in Pictures by Sonia Purnell

This Is Happiness by Niall Williams

The Church and the Roman Empire (AD 301–490) Constantine, Councils, and the Fall of Rome by Mike Aquilina

Simply Spaced Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life by Monica Leed

Still, in the City: Creating Peace of Mind in the Midst of Urban Chaos Angela Dews (Edited by)

The Nuremberg Trials: Volume I Bringing the Leaders of Nazi Germany to Justice by Terry Burrows Arcturus Publishing

The Case of Miss Elliott: The Teahouse Detective: Volume 2 Baroness Orczy

All That Glitters: Anna Wintour, Tina Brown, and the Rivalry Inside America’s Richest Media Empire Thomas Maier

Creative Calling: Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work + Life Chase Jarvis

Condé Nast The Man and His Empire -- A Biography by Susan Ronald

Deep Waters A British Library Crime Classic by Martin Edwards Poisoned Pen Press

MacArthur’s Air Force by Bill Yenne