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You Bet Your Life From Blood Transfusions to Mass Vaccination, the Long and Risky History of Medical Innovation by Paul A Offit

 Science is definitely the new religion. You are almost treated as a pariah if you don't have blind faith in 'the science', and medics are regarded as gods who we should trust absolutely. I am not sure how this happened. Reading Paul A Offit's book is a good cure for it, though, if you can stand the harrowing accounts of the misery and deaths caused by medical mistakes, and new medical innovations. I have to be careful about discussing what he writes about the coronavirus vaccines, but he is shocked by the hubris by which they've been treated, and his discussion is thorough. As he writes, 'virtually every medical breakthrough has exacted a human price'. The first vaccines are not often trouble-free, so, even if they appear to be the only answer to Covid-19, the unquestioned glee that greeted them is somewhat puzzling. Paul A. Offit includes many horrific events in his book, such as the massive contamination of America's blood supply with HIV, the terrib

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