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Six Degrees of Separation Meme for January. From Beach Read to a series about Queen Victoria.

 I love reading blog posts based on this meme hosted by   Kate . As you can see, January's book is Beach Read by Emily Henry. I am a bit late, unfortunately. Unfortunately, I found much of this book annoying, although I really liked another one by Emily Henry set on the Orient Express. This one was too self-consciously cute, and I didn't like Gus, one of the main characters, very much, because he attempted to help victims of trauma by writing novels, and I thought that it would have been better for him to be a journalist.. Also, there was a lot of swearing in it. I will be giving it away! Although January is a pretty name, I think, it is an unusual one, so I looked for other books featuring a January as the heroine. I don't like fantasy much, but  The Ten Thousand Doors of January  looks rather good, with its story of a strictly-brought up girl finding a secret chest leading to adventure. This is by Alis A. Harrow. Some of my ancestors went to Harrow, I think, an elite boy&

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