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Duff Cooper's Love-Child

I found out that Duff Cooper had a second son when I looked up Lady Diana Cooper in the Archives of Time Magazine one day! There I discovered a review of William S. Patten's memoir, My Three Fathers. Here is my review.

Books Read in August 2010

Elizabeth and Leicester by Sarah GristwoodThis was an interesting analysis of the romance between Queen Elizabeth 1 and Leicester. It dispelled many myths, such as the legend of the meetings when they were both prisoners in the Tower.

It's not a romantic book but very much a textbook account of the couple. I found the information about Leicester especially interesting. He was apparently 'a man of many parts' who wanted to find out about almost everything - astronomy, science, and exploration, for example. I also didn't realise that he was such a Puritan.

It's a few months since I read this, unfortunately. I should have written my review at the time!

I must apologize for not keeping up to date with this blog - I'll try to catch up.

Site of the Week: Pack a Book

Pack a Book was a very clever idea for a web site. Many people don't want to read heavy non-fiction books on their holidays, but they like to immerse themselves in the culture of the country that they're visiting. Pack a Book makes it easier for people to do this. It provides lists of novels set in different countries. If you are going to Italy, for example, the web site has novels to choose from with a little bit of information about them.

This is also a good site if you just want to 'armchair travel'. You can choose a book to read set in the country that you want to 'visit'. You can also 'study' a book set in a particular country for a few weeks by subscribing to the newsletter and reading the suggested book.

There are also interesting blogs with reviews at the site.