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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Art History Reading Challenge

This is another challenge which appeals to me. Joining involves reading at least six books about art history this year - fiction or non-fiction. You can make a list or read according to your whim - I think that I'll do the latter!


Hels said...

It really isn't fair, since I would do the art history reading anyhow. But I thought that I would check the breadth and depth (or otherwise) of my own reading this year.

1. John Whitely, Oxford and the Pre-Raphaelites
2. Museum of Modern Art Heide, The Ned Kelly Paintings
3. SN Behrman, Duveen
4. Stanley Young, The Missions of California
5. Harriet Edquist, Pioneers of Modernism: Arts and Crafts Movement in Australia.
6. Patricia Macdonald, Exiles and Emigrants.

Viola said...

Two of those books look especially interesting, Hels: Oxford and the Pre-Raphaelites and Pioneers of Modernism.

I generally read historical biographies, so this challenge will encourage me to read art history instead. I am very interested in the topic so I'll enjoy it.

You can read fiction related to art history as well.

You're certainly well on the way with six! :)