Pray for Us 75 Saints Who Sinned, Suffered, and Struggled on Their Way to Holiness by Meg Hunter Kilmer


Are you lonely, or depressed? Have you lost your faith? Are you struggling with 'Covid fatigue'? Perhaps, you are simply interested in Catholic saints? There is a saint for everyone, and Meg Hunter Kilmer has written an inspirational book about saints who had to combat all kinds of huge problems in their lives, and how they can help us.

The Saints include people who led exciting lives, such as Saint Catherine Jarrige who saved priests from the guillotine during the French Revolution, those who lived simple, quiet lives like Saint Therese, and even fiery socialists. They also include disabled, or extremely ill Saints who led lives of great suffering.

I found the story of the Servant of God Rose Hawthorne the most fascinating, because she led a somewhat glamorous literary life (although she may have had an abusive husband), yet she became a nurse, founded a new religious order, and helped very poor sick people.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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