A View from Abroad The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe by Jeanne E. Abrams

 This is an enjoyable and enlightening book about John and Abigail Adam's time in Europe. Anyone who likes American history will find it worth reading.

John Adam's diplomacy in Europe was extremely important to the young country. He negotiated loans with the Dutch, and negotiated on trade deals with the French and the British. He found his stay in Europe interesting but very difficult, because he found it hard to dissemble unlike Jefferson and Franklin, and he also missed Abigail very much when she couldn't be with him. He and Abigail associated with the aristocracy and even European royalty in France and England, but they were shocked by the disparity of wealth, loose morals and the general 'degeneracy' of society in Europe. Abigail longed to return to her home country.

America was an agrarian country in which people were more equal then. Adams was also shocked by the growing radicalism in France and he worried about the growth of an oligarchy in America and fighting between states. He was a moderate republican who believed in a strong executive government and the balance of powers.

They are certainly a fascinating couple and it is always a pleasure to read well-written, thoroughly researched articles about them.

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