Daughter of the Sea by Elisabeth J. Hobbes

 This is a strange, but magical historical story which combines fiction and fantasy. Elisabeth J. Hobbes writes so well that although the tale involves legendary creatures from ancient legends, it is actually believable. I would probably have preferred the romance without the fantasy, though.

The novel begins dramatically when Effie rescues a little girl from the heavy tides off the wild Yorkshire coast. In spite of being a relatively poor widow with a child of her own, she brings the little girl up. Shen  has the help and support of her grandmother and her good, but rather conservative friend Walter. Soon a mysterious dark stranger arrives, telling Effie that he is the child's father. He and the child share a secret- they are really Selkies.

Can Effie find happiness with Lachlan in spite of his not being human? It's a hard book to put down!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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