Henry VIII by John Bowle

 This novelistic portrayal of Henry and his era provides a complete picture of the cruel, bad-tempered king, dispels myths, and looks at his good points as well as the terror of his rule. Always interesting and well-researched, this book by John Bowle really covers almost everything - Henry's wars in Europe and Scotland, his attempts to dominate Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the Dissolution of the monasteries, the importance of culture at his court, and his horrific treatment of most of his wives. Henry was, arguably, a great King in some ways - he built up the navy, for example. Bowle provides good evidence for this argument.

Actual dialogue from the time and colourful extracts from letters help to make this a vivid portrayal. This book is a must for lovers of the Tudor era, or British history. I hope to read most of Bowle's books!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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