It's a Wonderful Lie by Wren Michaels

 This is a heartwarming romance which is full of 'Christmas Cheer'. The two main characters were such lovely people that you really hoped that they'd end up together, in spite of the many obstacles in their way! It is a long book, though.

When the book begins, Eden is in a bad way. She has lost her job and her boyfriend cheated on her. As she struggles with a Christmas tree, she meets handsome, kind Theo, seemingly the answer to her dreams. The problem is that Theo is really an angel and he can't tell her. When he falls in love with Eden, he is told that he has to choose between staying in heaven, or becoming a human.

After Theo chooses to be a human, he appears to have amnesia, but he does keep having visions of a pretty, dark-haired, kind woman. Eden has always known that she has a guardian angel, and Theo is the image of him, but Theo is, apparently, engaged to the rather annoying Tera...

It all sounds extremely corny but Michaels manages to pull it off, and the story is sweet holiday reading.

I received this free ebook from City Owl Press in return for an honest review.


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