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Steady A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic by Dr Sarb Johal

The first sentence of this book was gripping: 'The central task of a psychologist is to help people live with uncertainty'. Even though life is generally uncertain, living during the pandemic is similar to a war in some respects, with so many horrifying deaths, emergency regulations and the uncertainty of knowing what is going to happen from day to day. Even in countries dealing with it well, such as Australia (at the expense of thousands of stranded Australian citizens), the level of anxiety, worry and tension is arguably at a record high. People, especially the younger generation, are apparently calling charities like Lifeline in record numbers. This is a wonderfully helpful book with several suggestions for dealing with these  problems, such as the Five Ways to Well-being and ways to find structure in your life during lockdown. Dr Sarb Johal covers every aspect of life which worries about the virus can affect in this book, and offers tips for improving them. For example, he

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