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Books Read During January

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Gaskell's writing lacks the precision of Jane Austen and the passion of the Brontes. However, it is very lucid and descriptive, if rather long-winded. I find her quite soothing even though this book deals with class-wars during England's Industrial Revolution.

The story involves Margaret, who is forced to move from her beloved country village when her father decides to leave the Church. They decide to live in the polluted, but thriving town of Milton. Here she has to cope with her invalid mother, her growing feelings for mill-owner, Mr.Thornton, and her escapee brother. Margaret has great integrity but she is also very human and it is easy to identify with her. Gaskell's characters are very well-drawn, generally.

She also writes very perceptively about the conflicts between the employers and employees - these are still very relevant today.


This sentence made me think: "Plus ca change...."

"Hitherto there had been …