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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Books Read in June

To Hellas and Back by Lana Penrose

Penrose jumped at the chance to go to Greece with her Greek-Australian boyfriend.  However, she was very miserable in Greece.  She found herself amongst unfriendly people who were difficult to understand and lost without a career or friends.  Learning the language was impossible.  Her partner loved it and his career was leaping ahead. This had drastic effects on their relationship.

Penrose tells a hilarious but sad tale.  I enjoyed this book but the author was too 'out there' for me.  She reminded me on occasion of why many people avoid being known as Australian when they go overseas! She liked drinking a bit too much and only became happier when she found some New Zealanders who also seemed to be drunk a lot of the time.  The Greeks can apparently enjoy a few civilised glasses of wine over dinner without getting drunk afterwards.  I am not a 'wowser' but this can only be praised.

* 'Wowser' means someone who wants to stop people enjoying a few drinks, gambling in moderation, or generally having a good time.

Queen Emma and the Vikings by Harriet O' Brien

Harriet O'Brien captures the atmosphere of Viking times and studies Emma's character reasonably closely.  She describes the splendour of Emma's life but doesn't shy away from the grisly times.

Emma was certainly a strong and interesting woman.  Her relations included Vikings and Normans and she married two important Kings, Aethelred the Unready and Cnut (Canute).  One of her sons was actually Edward the Confessor.  Queen Emma was even called the 'Queen of Spin' in modern times because she commissioned a book which  whitewashed much of her history!
I will read more about her.

Cloudstreet by Tim Winton

I couldn't read this at all.  The writing was just too 'ocker'.  Yet I loved The Harp in the South series by Ruth Park which is a very Australian series.  I will watch the adaptation on TV, however.

Absorbing the Liturgy

Chittister shows  how absorbing the liturgy throughout the year makes one a better Christian.  This is a deep, thoughtful and philosophical book about the importance of the liturgy and its history.  It is well-worth reading.

Do you go to sleep during readings and sermons?  Do you know whether its Lent or Advent?  Reading this book will help you if you do! The Liturgical Year shows the importance of the different spiritual times of the year, for example, the sacrifices and fasting of Lent and the candles and decorations of Christmas. Chittister studies the origins of these periods of the year and their connection with the story of Christ.  She even goes into the different colours of the church decor of these times, for example, purple for Advent.

She writes that the symbolism, the readings, and the drama of the liturgy all correspond with Christ's life.  If we follow them and absorb them, this will help us become better Christians.

 This book is written from an extremely Catholic perspective.  Chittister grew up with colourful Catholic processions and all of the drama of Catholic traditions.  I was raised an Anglican so I didn't find this hard to understand because the Anglican church retains some of these traditions. I also like the colour and drama of Catholicism.  However, this aspect of the book could annoy many Protestants who don't attach much importance to symbolism.

 The problem that I had with this book is that it is inclined to be vague and heavy-going.  I will keep it because it is a book that requires re-reading.

NB This was sent to me as part of the Book Sneeze blogger program.  My opinion of it is entirely my own.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beautiful Medical Uniforms at Blue Sky Scrubs

Are you tired of wearing unfashionable medical uniforms?  There is an answer.  Blue Sky Scrubs specialize in making beautiful nursing uniforms.  They manufacture custom made scrubs which have a slimming flit and high quality fabric.

The company makes two types of scrubs for women: Original Scrubs and Simple Scrubs.  The Original Scrubs feature fashionable stitching on the two back pockets of the scrub bottoms and matching stitching on the pocket of the top.

These very attractive uniforms will help you look good at the hospital or wherever you work in the medical field. They are designed to flatter any figure.  The uniforms are available from Scrubs.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Adding Books to my May Post

I have added a few books to my May post. I added another book today.