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Books Read in January 2012

Those Who Wait: Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery

This review is for theL.M. Montgomery challenge.

Rilla of Ingleside starts off in a dramatic fashion when party-goers learn that war is declared.  It is 1914 and 15 year old Rilla is at her first grown-up party.  She is more interested in handsome Kenneth Ford and not ruining her beautiful French-heeled shoes than the consequences for her family and the inhabitants of Rainbow Valley.

Rilla has to grow up fast, however, as the boys of the Valley join up, one-by-one.  She watches her friends and her brother, Jem, go.  Soon the inhabitants of Ingleside are reading the papers voraciously.  They cling to every victory and mourn every disaster.  Maps are brought out and foreign names are learned.  Even Susan, the indomitable housekeeper, begins to learn an incredible amount about the war.

Rilla finds herself looking after a war baby, organising the Red Cross, and helping the war effort generally.  She struggles to 'keep the faith'…