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Books Read in February

Serendipity by Louise Shaffer

I was so lost in the world of old Broadway that this book describes that I almost missed my bus!

This is by a former actress so she knows this world and evokes it very well. The book concerns three generations of women - Carrie, Rose, and Lu - who all have conflicted relationships with their mothers and grandmothers. Carrie, the heroine, is struggling with her mother's death when the book begins. She wants to solve the mystery surrounding Rose. Why did Rose, a beautiful and wealthy socialite, who married a famous writer of musicals and lived a glamorous life donate most of her money to the poor when he died? Why did she bring Carrie up in a small, stuffy apartment in a working-class neighbourhood? Why did she never speak to Lu, her famous actress grandmother?

As Carrie discovers more about Rose's reasons, we also read Rose's and Lu's stories.
All of these women are very strong, American women, but their characters are very different so the…


I found this at the Reading Adventures blog. It's great fun! It's a reading meme that consists of opening the book that you're reading at a random page and selecting two sentences that show the quality of the writing and give readers an idea of whether they'd like the book or not.

Here goes:

The last thing Rose needed in her life was another self-centered, workaholic egomaniac in her life. But the right girl can change a man.

This is from Serendipity by Louise Shaffer.