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Anne of Cleves Henry VIII's Unwanted Wife by Sarah-Beth Watkins

This was an interesting, well-researched book, but the writing was a bit dull.

However, I didn't know that much about Anne's life after Henry VIII died and Sarah Beth-Watkins details Anne's experiences during each reign. Also, I always thought of Anne as very Protestant but she was really Catholic and happy to go back to the Catholic Church during Mary 1's reign which surprised me.

I received this ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

Uneasy Lies the Crown A Lady Emily Mystery by Tasha Alexander

I have read all of the Lady Emily series and this is an excellent addition, although
I found it a bit more gruesome than most of the others.

When several murders occur which are similar to the murders of Kings, Lady Emily's husband is
asked to investigate. Do these murders indicate that the new King, Edward VII's life is in danger? And how do they relate to Queen Victoria's message to Colin and the strange messages which he is receiving? What do they have to do with Colin's ancestor, the knight William?

Lady Emily insists on helping Colin in her usual forthright way, and does so in an intrepid way, finding that it involves her in the labyrinthine intricacies of the East End underworld with its gangs,
child workers and 'ladies of the night'. Luckily, she has her highly intelligent husband to help her as well as the likeable Duke Jeremy and a sympathetic policeman who she finds after dealing with the misogynist Gale.

Engaging characters, an interesting plot, and …

Christmas at the Chalet by Anita Hughes

This is an enchanting, fairy tale like romance set in  glamorous Saint Moritz. Engaging characters and
an interesting story make this book a perfect holiday read. I also liked reading the evocative descriptions and history of the beautiful town.

Felicity, the heroine, a successful wedding dress designer is in town to organize a fashion show. Troubled by her boyfriend's reluctance to marry, she also has to work hard to make designs for a new contract.When a handsome, single Doctor keeps saving her from accidents, Felicity has a new but exciting dilemma!

Nell, one of Felicity's models, is getting married and wants her divorced parents to attend. When they both turn up in town, she has to struggle to keep them apart... But do they still love each other after all?

I enjoy Anita Hughes's romances and hope to read all of them!

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.