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The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron

A lost castle in France, the legend of a sleeping beauty, a courageous grandmother's secret and the power of true love. Kristy Cambron  deftly intertwined these themes in an enchanting tale that kept me utterly entranced until the end of the novel. I was sorry to finish it.

The story involves three women. Aveline  is about to meet her fiancée at a party in his chateau but French  revolutionaries launch a violent attack. Luckily, she is saved and hidden in the woods but where is her fiancée?

Viola is hungry and desperate and trying to hide from the Nazis in the midst of the Second World War. She enters a chapel where she meets a handsome young Frenchman who agrees to hide her. Can she trust him?
Ellie is struggling to help her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. She knows that she has to find out her secret before it's too late. She travels to France only to find many obstacles in her path, including a stubborn Irishman called Quinn.

This is beautifully written a…

The Duchess by Penny Junior

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is really a rather uninteresting woman who has becomeinteresting because of her marriage to the Prince of Wales after a contentious affair. Her great-grandmother, the mistress of Edward VII is much more fascinating. However, it's worth reading different accounts if you want to know more about Camilla, and this is an engaging, sympathetic biography of her by a journalist who knows them both.

Unlike Charles, Camilla had an idyllic English country upbringing with loving parents.
She had an old-fashioned schooling and wasn't ambitious. She wanted a similar life to her parents
and that's what she got, except that her husband was a philanderer. He even had affairs with her
girlfriends. One even asked Andrew Parker-Bowles what was wrong with her because she was the
only girlfriend he had not made a pass at! However, Camilla knew what he was like before he married her.

According to this book, Camilla was not that keen on Charles but he was so upse…

IN Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson

When Camri travels to San Francisco to search for her missing brother Caleb, she discovers several mysteries. What did his disappearance do with his Defence of Patrick, a young Irishman accused of murder? Can she trust Henry Ambrewster, Caleb's employer? What do Caleb's servants, the Wongs know? Luckily, she has some friends to share her troubles with, but she also has to cope with her feelings for Patrick, who comes from a much lower social class. She also has a strong Christian Faith which stands by her.

This is a fast-paced and enjoyable Christian mystery, set in San Francisco in the early 1900s, a city rife with corruption and murders. Capri is likeable, although she can be a bit dogmatic and 'preachy,' however, she struggles with this herself. Patrick is also a likeable hero, but there is little about his being Catholic which would have been a big divide with Camri's being Protestant. Camri's friends are lovely characters. The historical research seems wel…