The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron

A lost castle in France, the legend of a sleeping beauty, a courageous grandmother's secret and the power of true love. Kristy Cambron  deftly intertwined these themes in an enchanting tale that kept me utterly entranced until the end of the novel. I was sorry to finish it.

The story involves three women. Aveline  is about to meet her fiancée at a party in his chateau but French  revolutionaries launch a violent attack. Luckily, she is saved and hidden in the woods but where is her fiancée?

Viola is hungry and desperate and trying to hide from the Nazis in the midst of the Second World War. She enters a chapel where she meets a handsome young Frenchman who agrees to hide her. Can she trust him?
Ellie is struggling to help her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. She knows that she has to find out her secret before it's too late. She travels to France only to find many obstacles in her path, including a stubborn Irishman called Quinn.

This is beautifully written and I look forward to the next book in the series but I occasionally found the leaps in time a bit confusing. the love stories were very moving and I especially liked d the wartime story.

I received this free ebook from Book Look Bloggers in return for an honest review.


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