The Duchess by Penny Junior

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is really a rather uninteresting woman who has becomeinteresting because of her marriage to the Prince of Wales after a contentious affair. Her great-grandmother, the mistress of Edward VII is much more fascinating. However, it's worth reading different accounts if you want to know more about Camilla, and this is an engaging, sympathetic biography of her by a journalist who knows them both.

Unlike Charles, Camilla had an idyllic English country upbringing with loving parents.
She had an old-fashioned schooling and wasn't ambitious. She wanted a similar life to her parents
and that's what she got, except that her husband was a philanderer. He even had affairs with her
girlfriends. One even asked Andrew Parker-Bowles what was wrong with her because she was the
only girlfriend he had not made a pass at! However, Camilla knew what he was like before he married her.

According to this book, Camilla was not that keen on Charles but he was so upset when she married
Andrew, he couldn't attend the wedding. However, she turned to him later because she was upset with her husband. However, after he married Diana, he fully intended to be faithful but only went back to Camilla when his marriage finally broke down and he knew about Princess Diana having affairs.

Camilla sounds quite likeable and down to earth, however, one can't help
if it would have been better for her to have refused to go back to Charles while he
was married.

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