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Revolution or Farce?: Child of the Revolution: Growing up in Castro's Cuba by Luis A. Garcia

A child in Castro's Cuba, Luis Garciawas rapidly learning to be a good revolutionary. Taught about the horrors of Cuba before Castro's revolution when poor Cubans were exploited by wealthy Americans and about the improvements of Castro, young Luis grew up wanting to join the Communists. He had doubts, however, because,as in all Communist countries, there were shortages of goods and long queues even to buy basic necessities. Luis noticed that some of his relatives, high up in the Party, were wealthy and certainly didn't suffer any shortages. He also liked the Catholic church, which wasn't looked on kindly the 'Great Leader'.

Probably the major turning point for young Luis, however, even though he still didn't want to leave was Castro's idea of improving the economy by having a huge sugar-cane crop. At one stage Castro ordered everyone on the island to work on the sugar-cane. Of course, instead of improving the economy this caused it to collapse because no…