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Dark Beauty

This is a post from my blog Favourite Things and More which I am finishing.

I read Thomas More's Dark Night of the Soul about a year ago and I liked it, but I found it rather heavy, vague and unhelpful. I will try it again, however, because I am going through a difficult time facing my mother's and my aunt's age and frailty.

I am Fabulous's post about Dark Beauty is beautifully written and made what More was writing about much more understandable. Unfortunately, I can't find the link! I will keep trying.

Books Read in October 2010

The Rebel Princess

I loved Judith Koll Healey's first novel, The Canterbury Papers. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this as much, but I still liked it. I will look out for more of the author's books.

This was more of a historical adventure story than a mystery. It concerned Alais, the sister of King Phillippe, who discovers a plot by an evil monk to involve her brother in a war against the Provencal Cathars. The Cathars were an unusual Christian sect in medieval times. The plot endangers her son, Francis, and Alais must embark on an adventure in order to save him.

The Rebel Princess
is well-written and full of historical atmosphere and there is not too much 'textbook' history. The medieval detail is vivid - it is easy to imagine the splendour of the palace and the gold-filled chapels. The only flaw here is that the dialogue is a bit too modern at times, I think.

The characterization is the best part of this book. Alais is strong, charming and engaging. Her lo…

Lee's Life of Virtue. (Lee, A Life of Virtue by John Perry)

My knowledge of the battles of the Civil War came mostly from Gone With The Wind and movies like Shenandoah before I read this book, I'm sorry to say. I certainly didn't know much about Robert E. Lee! Lee by John Perry is an excellent summary of the great man's life.

Well-written and engaging, it is enjoyable but sad reading. Lee's reputation apparently suffered a lot during his lifetime and afterwards. He was accused of being a traitor to his own country and fighting in defence of slavery. Neither of these myths is true and Perry certainly manages to restore the heroic general's reputation.

Robert E. Lee came from a distinguished Virginian family that arrived 200 years before America was established. He had a hard childhood because his father, also a war hero, left when he was only young and his mother was ill. The young boy used to have to carry her to and from his carriage.

Lee was an excellent student at Westpoint and soon got promoted. However, as he was a…

Love Child by Allegra Huston

Love-children certainly run in Duff Cooper's family! A few weeks ago I wrote about My Three Fathers by Duff Cooper's love-child. Now I am including a review of by his son, John Julius Norwich's daughter, Allegra Huston.Love Child.