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Books Read Lately

I''m a bit pressed for time lately.  I hope to be a better blogger soon! I intend to join a few challenges, include a few interviews, and start a series.  Please keep reading!

Here are some new short reviews.

Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart

This was a cleverly plotted mystery involving Jenny's search for her cousin in the French Alps.  The eerie atmosphere and strange characters make this book difficult to put down.  The ending is especially exciting.

Jenny is a sweet, but immature and innocent girl at the beginning of the book.  She is likable, but she might seem old-fashioned to the young women readers of today.  She has to grow stronger and much more mature, however.  In the end she discovers where her heart lies.

Marie Lloyd by Richard Anthony Baker

This book will interest anyone who likes to read about music-hall stars and music-halls.  It is probably rather too factual and dry for other readers, however.  Some of the descriptions of music-halls are evocative and t…