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Books Read in September

That Woman by Anne Sebba

Sebba created controversy with this biography of Wallis Simpson because of her theory that Wallis suffered from a strange sexual disorder which may have even rendered her incapable of sleeping with her husbands.  This would have meant that Prince Edward told King George the truth technically when he said that he and Wallis had not had "sexual relations".

Sebba really doesn't appear to have much evidence for this hypothesis.  There are also rumours about abortions and trouble with her ovaries.

The author dismisses some other tales as myths. For example, she writes that Simpson really wasn't very interested in politics and that she probably didn't have affairs with Guy Trundle or Ribbentrop.  There's also no mention of any drug-smuggling in China.

She still paints a picture of Simpson as very ambitious, materialistic and unlikeable.  She married the Prince because she'd gone too far and couldn't get out of it without incurring e…