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Thereby lies a Letter: The Lost Letters of Aquitaine

A well-researched and evocative historical novel, this book by Judith Koll Healey is highly recommended. Based on the story of Alais Capet, the mistress of Henry II, the novel takes place partly in the sun-lit fields of Provence and partly in England. When the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine sends Alais to recover letters that were lost in England Alais finds herself caught in a conspiracy involving the Knights Templar amongst others. She is unsure who to trust. Can she trust her childhood friend, William, now a handsome man to whom she finds herself attracted? Can she trust her aunt or Queen Eleanor? Who is the mysterious child mentioned in the letters?

Beautifully written, this is also an action-packed novel in which Alais battles the evil King John, narrowly escapes from death, and has to solve many problems including what to do about a dark secret of her own.

I enjoyed this very much and look forward to more exciting novels from this author.