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Books Read During September

I've been on holidays so it's a bit hard to remember which books I read in September. I'll try to list them!

Love In The Age Of Drought by Fiona Higgins

This was a very Australian love story between a farmer and a city girl. Fiona has issues with her past and misconceptions about cotton farmers so the Sydney executive has a lot to cope with when she becomes attracted to Stuart. Stuart falls for her quickly. Fiona realises what a good man he is and goes to live on his farm in Queensland.

Here the city girl finds frogs in the loo, finds dangerous snakes in the grass, and tries to work in 40 degree heat without air-conditioning! She also has to compete with women who appear to be perfect housewives and cooks.

This book is a sensitive love story and very interesting about many issues which affect Australia.

The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble

This book was so well-written that reading every word was a pleasure. It was also a very emotional love story and a good mystery.

Humphrey …