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Friday, October 23, 2009

Books Read During September

I've been on holidays so it's a bit hard to remember which books I read in September. I'll try to list them!

Love In The Age Of Drought by Fiona Higgins

This was a very Australian love story between a farmer and a city girl. Fiona has issues with her past and misconceptions about cotton farmers so the Sydney executive has a lot to cope with when she becomes attracted to Stuart. Stuart falls for her quickly. Fiona realises what a good man he is and goes to live on his farm in Queensland.

Here the city girl finds frogs in the loo, finds dangerous snakes in the grass, and tries to work in 40 degree heat without air-conditioning! She also has to compete with women who appear to be perfect housewives and cooks.

This book is a sensitive love story and very interesting about many issues which affect Australia.

The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble

This book was so well-written that reading every word was a pleasure. It was also a very emotional love story and a good mystery.

Humphrey and Ailsa meet as teenagers in a seaside village in the windswept north of England. Later they meet again and quiet Humphrey falls in love with the wild Ailsa.
Their lives intertwine until they come to a final resolution.

The main problem is that this book is just too politically correct at times. Certain aspects of Ailsa's character were almost enough to turn me off her altogether.

An Uncommon Woman by Hannah Pakula

I found this difficult to get through although it is an interesting story. Pakula's writing is just too dense and the politics is extremely complicated. I liked the subject of the book because I am interested in royalty and Vicky was a strong, brave and admirable woman so I finished it. She certainly lived up to the title of the book.

It isn't the best royal biography that I've read.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Frog in the loo I can do. I could even work in the heat but a snake in the grass is where I draw the line.
Thanks for sharing.
Be Happy

Viola said...

I draw the line there too! There are plenty of them and I'm not just referring to the ones that slide along the ground.

I like your blog - I'm writing a Regency novel too.

Take care.

la pussycat said...

I loved this book; I think it was one of the first historical biographies I ever read, in 2002 I think. But you're right, it's a long and winding read, maybe requires a little background knowledge about late 19th century Prussian history to make it easier to swallow. Still, so well researched, and about such a spectacular life absent from history books.

Great blog, am enjoying it!

Viola said...

Thank you very much for your praise! I am very impressed by your blog so it means a lot to me.

I am still interested in reading Pakula's biography of Marie of Romania. That book might be a bit easier to read.

la pussycat said...

Me too, want to read her book on Marie! I have it sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Found it a few months ago in a second hand bookshop; it was a challenge to get a hold of since it's out of print. I'll review it when I've read it. Looking forwards to comparing notes :)

Viola said...

I hope to get the book on Marie from the library. It will be interesting to see what we think of it!