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Branding Pays by Karen Kang

Would you like to reinvent your brand?  Do you need a new brand?  Branding Pays is the perfect book for you!

Karen Kang has shown countless individuals and companies how to have an attractive brand.  Branding Pays shows readers how to describe their brands in a few sentences, align their brands with their personal values, how to achieve goals and develop leadership skills that fit their new brand.  She also has useful advice on savvy social marketing.

I found the examples from her business especially helpful.  Karen Kang tells how she helped a would-be councillor win an election and a lawyer achieve a promotion.  She also has many other examples.

Kang even gives simple advice, such as the importance of good posture and looking professional.

This book requires careful study, and I will need to write notes, but it's certainly worth it!

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Queen Emma Of Normandy Comes Out Of The Shadows

Young Emma of Normandy must have needed a great deal of determination, strength and courage to leave her homeland and marry a much older English king.  Patricia Bracewell has created a heroine with all of these qualities in her captivating debut novel, Shadow on the Crown.

She has imagined a heroine who has to deal with a husband, King Aethelred, who is haunted by the death of his brother, Viking foes and a star-crossed love.  Emma has to think on her feet and strive to be resourceful as she attempts to win the love of her people, and decide who is really on her side.

Elgiva, another strong character, is a worthy rival to Emma.  A well-rounded character, her motivations are always understandable, and Patricia Bracewell even manages to make her likeable at times.

This well-researched and exciting novel will keep you reading late into the night, as Emma and her kingdom are beset by rapacious Vikings and intricate intrigues by traitors hiding in the highest echelons of the court.  But l…

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Man by Michelle McKinney Hammond

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Man contains useful tips on maintaining a happy marriage, and being a confident, secure woman, written from a Christian point of view.  Michelle McKinney Hammond cleverly uses the Biblical story of Esther to show women how to be strong women, and how to support their men and be understanding.

I did begin to wonder whether Michelle should write fiction, because I enjoyed the story of Esther more than the advice! However, I found the advice helpful and inspiring.

My Road to Kenya by Jack O' Leary and Mary Lyons

Sunrise in Mombasa by Anna Langova at: Sunrise by Anna Langova

When businessman, Jack O'Leary tells his wife that a Kenyan priest is coming to dinner and he likes to drink red blood, she gets into an understandable panic.  After combing New York to please the priest's odd tastes, she shares a good laugh at the dinner party later.

 This is just one of the many anecdotes in this interesting book about how O'Leary decided to help Kenyan men go to seminaries in America and achieved much more by building orphanages, hospitals and many other institutions.

There is a lot of enlightening information about the history of Kenya and the history of Catholicism in the country, for example, the story of Archbishop Ndingi and his battle against corruption.

Unfortunately, I found My Road to Kenya rather disjointed - it's best to read a little bit at a time.  However, it's certainly worth reading and helping the cause!

The Miracle of Honey by Dr Penny Stanwell

This book was a bit technical for me, and many of the benefits of honey seemed to be speculation.  However, the research about bees was comprehensive and interesting.  It upset me to learn how important bees are, and that they are declining. 

I am going to try some of the suggestions about honey.  The recipes also look as though they're worth trying!

The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams

The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams is a memorable, haunting book that contains many strands and gives readers plenty to think about.

 This evocative beautifully-written book with its exotic Malaysian setting tells the stories of Dorothy, her husband George and their daughter Susan.  George feels fulfilled and happy by his affair with Emma.  Unfortunately, his father-in-law and boss doesn't see it this way, and decides to punish him by sending the family to Malaysia.  I did find it unclear why Dorothy was punished as well, but the father-in-law probably just wanted to get George away from Emma.

The family have rather a rotten time in Malaysia, and they each react in very different ways.  George can't resist continuing to womanize.  Dorothy understandably can't stand the oppressive heat and humidity.  She longs for the cool climate of England and her old life.  (I could identify with this because I'd love to live in England, and I live in a hot and humid …