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Monday, February 04, 2013

The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams

The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams is a memorable, haunting book that contains many strands and gives readers plenty to think about.

 This evocative beautifully-written book with its exotic Malaysian setting tells the stories of Dorothy, her husband George and their daughter Susan.  George feels fulfilled and happy by his affair with Emma.  Unfortunately, his father-in-law and boss doesn't see it this way, and decides to punish him by sending the family to Malaysia.  I did find it unclear why Dorothy was punished as well, but the father-in-law probably just wanted to get George away from Emma.

The family have rather a rotten time in Malaysia, and they each react in very different ways.  George can't resist continuing to womanize.  Dorothy understandably can't stand the oppressive heat and humidity.  She longs for the cool climate of England and her old life.  (I could identify with this because I'd love to live in England, and I live in a hot and humid climate too).  Dorothy's depression and the unhappy marriage of her parents upsets Susan severely.

The events of the book occur during the Communist insurgency,. and the suspence of the story is riveting as danger grows ever closer.  Amanda Sington-Williams cleverly combines this with her vivid descriptions of the way that the 'punitive heat and humidity' affects the English family.  I could actually feel the oppressive climate!

I was extremely impressed by this book, and I am looking forward to reading more novels by Amanda Sington-Williams.

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