Hester's Story by Adele Geras

Luminious writing and a page-turning story separates this from the usual run of romantic sagas.
The story of a ballerina's life, this is very much a 'woman's novel' but the writing prevents it from being too melodramatic or sentimental and even the coincidences at the end become believable.

This is rather a tragic and memorable story about a ballerina who struggled against poverty, adversity and the rigid attitudes of her nasty relatives who wanted to prevent her realising her dream to become a famous dancer. It also tells how Hester's love for a married man almost ruins her life and her success.

Adele Geras also combines the stories of other memorable characters in this book which also describes the life of a ballet company. These include the nasty prima donna, Claudia, beautiful and sweet Silver, determined Hugo, and Claudia's teenage daughter, Alison, struggling to find her own identity.

I liked the way that this book flitted between Hester's past and her life now and the way that Adele Geras 'ties up' the ends as well as her memorable story.


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