Love Defies Communism: Snowleg by Nicholas Shakespeare

I fell in love with this book! It is a wondeful, moving and haunting story about the yearning for a lost love and the consequences of betrayal set aqainst the horrors of repressive East German Communism.

When the young English schoolboy, Peter Hithersay, discovers that his biological father was East German, it shocks him to the core. A very English schoolboy, he struggles to understand his German background and decides to find out more about it. Against the wishes of his family he decides to study medicine in Germany and immerse himself in the culture. He wants to discover who his father was but this seems to be impossible, however when he gets the chance to visit East Germany he leaps at it. Here he falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious girl whose name sounds like 'Snowleg'.

Snowleg tells Peter that she is being persecuted by the oppressive regime and Peter doesn't know whether to believe her, or whether he can trust her. Even though he loves her circumstances and his own actions force them to part.

Many years later, after being haunted by his love for Snowleg and a long period of self-destruction, he tries to see her again...

With the last name of Shakespeare it is just as well that this author can write, and I think that even his namesake would be impressed with him!

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