Get Paid to Blog

In my other life I write freelance articles so getting paid to blog always interests me. One way to do this is to register with
Blogsvertise. Advertisers join Blogsvertise in order to generate publicity and exposure through blogs. Bloggers with the company mention these products and get paid through Paypal.

The first step is to register your blog with
Blogsvertise. If your blog is approved topics are assigned to you. You then write about the website in your blog - you don't have to compliment it. You can write about it in any way that you please but it is a requirement to provide at least three links to the website in your blog post.

If you don't have a blog but you'd like to join
Blogsvertise, the way to do this is to set up a blog using one of the free blogging services recommended by blogsvertise and make some entries. After this you can register with the company.

Advertisers also join the company by registering. They make requests for mentions in blogs.


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