Some Other Books

Two books that I've also read lately are The Seven Ages of Paris by Alastair Horne and Turner's Paintbox by Lloyd Jones.

The Seven Ages of Paris was much more interesting than most history books and covers much Parisian culture as well as successive kings and queens and governments. Horne tends to be rather idiosyncratic and devoted many pages to eras that he liked while practically dismissing the French Revolution. I found this a bit odd but I'd like to read some of his other books.

Turner's Paintbox was a luminous book - a sensitive and moving love story. It charts the progress of a love affair and combines this with the story of the great painter, Turner. I actually cried at the end of this book - but I'm not going to say whether this was because the ending was sad or happy.

Like most Australians I am attracted to Turner's paintings (even after a very boring tour at the Tate) and this book made me more interested in his art and his life.


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