Books Read in March

Sweet Poison by David Roberts This was the first in a mystery series featuring Lord Edward and Verity Browne, set in the England of the thirties. When aristocratic Edward meets Communist Verity, he finds her politics hard to understand. However, they are at a dinner party together at Edward's brother's place (he's a Duke) when a First World War general suddenly dies of poisoning. Verity and Edward make a good team - the difference in their politics actually enhances their attraction to each other - and decide to investigate the murder. Along the way they have to contend with politics, intrigues and drugs. Roberts evokes the tense and seedy, but also glamorous, atmosphere of the thirties very well.

In the Shadow of the Winter Palace by Edward Crankshaw: This was a fascinating look at the run-up to the Russian Revolution, although the wars and military strategy of the nineteenth century can be confusing and heavy reading. Crankshaw writes in a lyrical, Edwardian style (he wouldn't like this because he regards this era as 'nasty') with very long sentences. Many people don't like this but I do. He has an excellent turn of phrase at times.

Jane and the Barque of Frailty by Stephanie Barron: I am going to review this tomorrow.

The 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie: A clever, but rather light mystery featuring the sharp-witted Miss Marple.


wormauld said…
Viola, Thank you for coming by. I've bookmarked your blog now and I will find out how to put my favourite blogs down the side. Also read your full profile and was amazed how much we have in common excepty I'm sure you're not my age.I'm really interested in Aus. Literature.I have Family in Victoria one of the suberbs of Melbourne. My 1st cousin Susan is an Australian citizen but her parents my aunt and uncle aren't.
so nice to meet you Daphne

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