Books Read in August

The Ghost by Robert Harris

A clever and intriguing mystery, this is difficult to put down. When his agent requests the 'ghost writer' to do the former British PM's autobiography he realises that this may be his big chance. He travels to Martha's Vineyard to stay and interview Adam Lang and his wife, only to find himself in a dire situation. The suspicious death of the former ghost writer and secrets of the very charming Lang keep him awake. When he discovers some of Lang's former associates he has to make difficult choices.

The wind-swept, cold and wintry atmosphere of Martha's Vineyard suits the story.
I did find this quite far-fetched and very political, but there is a lot to think about.

Monsoon Rains and Icicle Drops by Libby Southwell and Josephine Brouard
Libby becomes devastated after losing her lovely boyfriend in a climbing accident and the deaths of other close friends. Unable to deal with her grief, she leaves Australia and heads overseas. Here she has some amazing adventures, including healing by a Llama, catering for the wealthy and famous in Sri Lanka and riding wildly across the Mongolian plains.

Finally she goes back to Sri Lanka only to experience the full horror of the tsunami. Even though she nearly dies from an illness, she travels back home and starts a charity to help the Sri Lankan people.

This was an uplifting story by a truly inspiring woman.

During the last couple of weeks I've been in Cornwall with Nell and Cassandra of The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Who is the Authoress? Why does Cassandra inherit a house in Cornwall? Why was Nell left abandoned in Australia? These are just some of the mysteries that Cassandra, the main character of the book, has to solve. Luminous writing, a romantic Edwardian atmosphere, and dark family secrets - all these will keep the reader turning the pages of this wonderful historical novel well into the night!

To be continued


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