Books Read in November

I haven't read many books this month because I haven't had time. My mother is quite old and frail - although not for her age - so I often go to her place and help her. This means that I have books in two places!

The Clocks by Agatha Christie

This was a clever mystery involving a blind lady, clocks, gossipy neighbours and a sweet romance. I didn't understand the ending, however, so maybe it was too clever!

Homeland by Clare Francis

I found this a rather dreary book with a miserable, but dramatic setting - the Somerset moors. It was about a Polish ex-soldier trying to make a new life for himself in England just after the war. I liked him so I did finish the book. It did bring home to me the plight of the Polish people, but I wouldn't recommend this novel.

There is one more book to add. I will write about that next week.


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