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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Financial Crisis by Design?

Crowds outside the NYSE in 1929.

There are rumours about a shady group of bankers who orchestrated the financial crisis.  These people work in league with the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank, according to the theory.  This looks like a theory dreamed up by a madman, but hang on.  What if it's true?

John Truman Wolfe, the author of Crisis by Design, used to have a high position in the banking world, and he knows his business.  According to this depressing and rather startling book, there is indeed a secretive group of bankers who are above the law, and the financial crisis certainly didn't happen by accident.  He provides plenty of evidence to back this up.  He also includes a horrifying article about exactly how he thinks that Goldman Sachs brought Greece to the brink of bankruptcy for their own ends.

John Truman Wolfe also describes how we all need our fix - our fix of debt.  He tells readers why we're in this unsustainable position, and why the policies of most governments, including the U.S. government, are only going to make matters worse.  And that is probably a hell of a lot worse.  So take a good look at the picture above, and think about it carefully.  We are not out of the woods yet!

The author includes a lot of financial advice, but I didn't agree with some of it.  He emphasizes investing in China and Chinese currency.  There are a lot of financial advisers who would oppose taking this kind of action.

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