The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

(Dressing table designed by Carl Bugatti for his own use in Paris in 1904)

This is the perfect book for people who want to decorate in an inexpensive and creative way.  It is also perfect for messy people, and those who feel that their lives are on hold, such as renters.  I really liked it, because it actually emphasizes the importance of being imperfect, and I constantly worry that my life is on hold.

Smith became very unhappy when she and her family had to move from a beautiful house to a small apartment.  She decided, as so many of us do, that she would decorate when she had a home that she liked. The sad story of Anna Nicole Smith changed her attitude, and she realized that she had a loving and happy family, and that her sons even liked fighting over where they'd sleep!  She started to see that 'every home has a silver lining' and make the best of it.

She includes lots of great decorating tips and pictures so that readers can gain ideas and follow her methods. (I especially liked the photo of the messy office!)  For example, Smith advises people to look for second-hand pieces that add beauty and have history.  She writes that even if she had all of the money in the world, she would still buy vintage or antique items. I absolutely agree.  I bought a small coffee table and an old dressing-table very cheaply at the markets, and I love them!

Her chapter on adding small touches that help a room look right is one of the best in the book.  She suggests concentrating on lamps, rugs and the natural light of the room.  Plants, candles and decorative pillows are some other thoughts.

I received this eBook from Book Look Bloggers, but I am definitely going to buy it and go through each room with it!


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