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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Dress by Kate Kerrigan

A fast-paced and beautifully written saga, this book tells the story of two generations of women - Lily  and Honor, and moves between London, Ireland and New York. When Lily, a lover of vintage clothes, discovers a stunning dress designed by a relative, she decides to make a copy of the dress. But how will this affect her relationship with her best friend?

Honor, a young and ambitious Irish designer, creates the dress but it causes her a lot of trouble, because she falls in love with her client's husband. This leads to a huge fight with Joy, who doesn't want to let her husband go.

How will these stories be tied up at the end?

This kept me interested until the last page, but there were some modern expressions in Honor's story that I found jarring. These included 'hanging out' and 'reaching out'. They only originated a few years ago!

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