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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay

Lucy has a wonderful job in an antique store surrounded by sumptuous fabrics and furniture, and she especially loves looking after the books.  However, there is much unhappiness in her life because her father is a con-man and he even spent time in jail.  Although he sends her a different and meaningful book each year, she never sees him.

When Lucy meets James, she realises that she is acting like her father in some ways.  Now she has to worry about whether her dishonesty is catching up with her, and if she can escapee the family’s past.  Her only ally is James’s charming grandmother…

This is a booklover’s book with its literary allusions and references.  One character even has a degree in English Literature! There are even literary tours included.  But it’s the lovely characters, beautiful writing and clever plotting that really makes The Bronte Plot a delight to read, and even better than Katherine Reay’s first novel, Dear Mr Knightley.

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