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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Light of Hidden Flowers by Jennifer Handford

Missy is stuck.  Clever and introverted, she still works for her father's financial firm at thirty-five and she has never travelled to Europe even though she learns Italian while she drives and loves cooking Italian food.  She is also single and often thinks of Joe, her first boyfriend.

When Missy's beloved father suffers memory loss in the middle of a seminar, he looks to her for help, but she doesn't speak.  However, she might be forced to 'step up'. When old boyfriend Joe contacts her on Facebook, she has a new dilemma...

I loved this well-written, luminous novel and found Missy and Joe delightful characters. I also found the description of Missy's work true-to-life and interesting.  Joe's help for veterans and Missy's father's disease are sensitively dealt with and add a rather sombre note to the story.

I must read Jennifer Handford's other novels!

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