Bonjour Kale by Kristen Beddard


When Kristen Beddard  first arrived  in Paris with her husband, she quickly started getting depressed.  She missed her high-powered life in New York and drinking with her girlfriends.  She struggled to speak French and she started having arguments with her husband because she wasn't the career girl with whom he fell in love.  She was also very sad about her mother-in-law who was dying of cancer.

The fact that she couldn't find the kale that she loved didn't help matters! Kristen had been brought up to eat healthy foods and her mother made delicious recipes. Many of them included kale. She tried bringing back lots of kale from New York but it turned into a disaster because her luggage was lost so it turned putrid and smelly! It was dreadful to go to the markets and see beautiful thin green asparagus and piles of green peas still in their shells but no healthy kale. Kristen eventually got so fed up with the situation that she decided to do something about it herself and she began The Kale Project.

I don't actually like kale - I just love spinach - so the title put me off a bit at first.  I was even upset when I had to buy kale instead of spinach the other day! However, I loved this enchanting story about living in a different country, learning a new language and finding a new opportunity. The recipes also look tempting. It's also a moving love story with a surprising amount of depth. The blog looks great as well.  I may even start liking kale now!

I received this free book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a great clip but read the book first.



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