The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables by Catherine Reid

Anne tore out of the house with her hair streaming and without her hat although it was freezing and Marilla called after her. She felt the 'fierce energy of winter' on the beautiful, snowy Prince Edward Island. Like her creator, Anne loved all of the seasons although Lucy Maud may have been affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder  in the long, dark winters at times.

This beautifully-written book by Catherine Reid with its gorgeous photographs is a welcome addition to the collection of writing about L.M. Montgomery. It relates how Lucy Maud's love of the seasons and the different landscapes of P.E.I. led to her luminous descriptions and how she used it in her scenes in her books. For example, Anne had her last walk with Matthew in the spring making the scene especially poignant.

This is a must-by for any lovers of Anne and L.M. montgomery's writing!

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.


Hels said…
As a young teenager, many decades ago, I really loved Anne of Green Gables (and Little Women as well). But I wonder if it would be just as appealing for a 13 year old girl today.
Viola said…
Thank you very much for your comment, Hels. I wonder, too, but there are several new versions of both books which seems to indicate
a lot of interest. I read a blog called 'Louisa May Alcott Is My Passion' and the author might know more about it.

I do have a great-niece and great-nephew and I know that they love the Madeleine series, but they are somewhat more modern. I missed out on those, so I am going to have a 'second childhood' and read them now!

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