From a Paris Balcony by Ella Carey

A Balcony in Paris by Gustav Caillebotte

Sarah is at a loss. Recovering from the death of her parents and a breakup with a boyfriend, she becomes fascinated by a distant relation from her past. Why did Louisa, a young debutante married to a duke, commit suicide and did it have anything to do with the beautiful courtesan, Marthe de Florian? Sarah decides to stay in Paris to see if she can discover more, but the only way that she can do this is by sharing an apartment with the French artist, Laurent...

Exquisite writing, engaging characters and the Parisian setting make this a lovely book to read. Ella Carey combines the stories of Sarah and Louisa in a fascinating way and captures the atmosphere of Belle Epoque Paris. At first, I thought that the story is a bit cliched, but Carey is more interested in the dark side of Edwardian Paris than the usual tale of sweetness and light.

I intend to read Ella Carey's other books ASAP!

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest review.


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