Neither Bomb Nor Bullet Benjamin Kwashi: Archbishop on the front line by Andrew Boyd

This is a wonderful book about an incredibly brave Anglican Archbishop who has to face the terrors of radical Islam in Nigeria but remains steadfast in his faith.

I enjoyed the beginning about his naughty antics as a young boy, his early days as a soldier and his stories about the culture of his country.Although his mother was semi-literate, his father was an educated civil  servant and his grandmother was deeply religious, young Ben fell into bad ways. He drank too much and failed his military exams although his superiors still wanted him to become an officer. Luckily, a street pastor converted him and he found his true calling.

His early romances and his strange love affair with the shy, but hot-tempered country-girl Gloria was also fun to read.  She sounds incredibly formidable but extremely wise!

After that the book becomes somewhat harrowing because of the military dictatorship and the rise of militant Islam. In 1987 a minor skirmish between a Muslim and a Christian led to riots and killings - the young minister's house and church were burned down. He had to give a speech in the midst of the upheaval and tell his flock what to do - he gave wise advice.  It's still a joy to read because of his happy and wise personality and Gloria is interesting, but it also brings home to the reader the rise of radical Islam.

I received this free ebook from Net Galley in return for an honest book review.



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