The Scent Keeper A Novel by Erica Bauermeister

This is a beautifully written novel but I found it almost unremittingly miserable. However, the riveting story, sympathetic characters and luminous descriptions made up for that! I am not sure if I would read it again, though, but I will read some of Erica Bauermeister"s other books.

The story concerns Emmeline who lives an idyllic life with her father on a deserted Canadian island, fascinated by his scent machine and his magical bottles of scents. Her life is full of secrets, however. After a huge tragedy strikes, Emmeline is taken in by a lovely couple, but she is bullied at school. She meets Fisher there, a kindly boy and neighbour who helps her. In this coming-of-age story, Emmeline's urge to discover her secrets grows stronger, but will she lose herself along the way?

It's certainly a great first novel, and the characters are so real, I really wanted to see what happened! I recommend it for anyone who likes atmospheric and insightful romantic stories. I would love to see a movie of it.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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