Tiny White Lies by Fiona Palmer

    This is a gentle story about family, love and friendship. Unfortunately, I found much of it extremely miserable, and I am not keen on reading sad stories at the moment! It is ultimately heartwarming, though, and the desciptions of the Australian countryside are beautifully done.

Nikki and Ashley have been friends for years, and have always shared their troubles. However, they have both been through such hard times that this has become difficult. They also have problems with their children. Can a holiday in the country help?

Here, Ashley recalibrates her feelings towards her late husband Owen, who struggled with his mental health and finds herself attracted to Luke. Nikki wonders whether her handsome husband is having an affair. The children are bored, and long for their usual activities...

I will read more books by Fiona Palmer. Hopefully, they will be happier!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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