The Life of Elizabeth 1 by Alison Weir

I find Alison Weir's writing a bit heavy and dull so I'm not sure why she is so popular. However, she is very good at description and includes pertinent quotes from Elizabethans and Elizabeth herself, so I persevered and this great Queen did come to life for me to a big extent. (It helped to watch Elizabeth R. with Glenda Jackson at the same time!)

Queen Elizabeth 1 led a fascinating life. Her long love affair with Robert Dudley, rivalry with Queen Mary of Scots, and her great victory over the Spanish all make a wonderful story.

I have read many books about her and each one makes me admire her more and more. I know that the Irish don't like her but that's another story again.


jagspeed said…
I loved the book but then again I love anything by Alison Weir and one of my favorite subjects to read is Queen Elizabeth I.

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