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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Beach Less Travelled: From Corporate Chaos to Flip-Flop Perfumer by John Berglund

John Berglund once worked as a high-powered attorney in the U.S. but he always dreamed of becoming a perfumer on a tropical island.  This is the delightful tale of how he and his wife, Cindy, made his dream come true on the Caribbean island of St. Martins.

This was a delightful and humorous look at moving to another country and establishing a business there.  I especially liked the sections on the history of perfume and the story of Berglund's antique perfume bottle collection.  I skipped over the ubiquitous chapters on dealing with the unhelpful French bureacracy, however.

This book also provides some helpful lessons for those who want to set up a business.  Berglund writes about choosing a name, branding, and marketing, for example.

I hope that this book sells well and attracts many more tourists to Tijon.  I wish that I could visit!

1 comment:

Jeremy Bates said...

Sounds like a nice book. I've always thought living in another country was an adventure.