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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: A Back to Basics Approach by Dr. Abdullah

Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin is an interesting and helpful book which explains the science behind skin, many skin problems, and the best way in which to take care of your skin.

I especially liked the sections about eczema and dermatitis and the factors which cause the skin to age.  These include sunlight and stress.  Dr. Abdullah also deals with the effects of different medications on the skin.

He recommends using a four-step process which includes exfoliants.  I've got sensitive skin so I've had trouble with exfoliants.  However, I might start trying them again.  Apparently, they can cause problems, such as redness, for a few weeks but the skin gets used to them.

Dr. Abdullah also gets rid of some myths about skin.  For example, he doesn't agree that water-based skin products are the best.  He likes different bases, such as aloe vera.  Dr. Abdullah uses aloe vera in his own range of products: Lexli.

This book also recommends the ingredients to look for when you choose skin products.  The author explains the history behind most of these products, which is interesting.

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