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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Faded Cottage by Diann Shaddox

This is an enjoyable and relaxing love story that will take you into another world.  When Quaid, a successful New York artist, develops tremors, he feels unable to paint and decides to return to the little beachside town in North Carolina where he met his true love.  He goes to live in a delightful 'faded cottage' overlooking the sea, and reflects on his life.  Now a widower, Quaid is feted by the women of the town who bring him delicious meals, but he wants to see Sandy again.

Sandy never forgot Quaid either, so when she learns that he is in town she decides to see him again, but she has a secret too...Can Quaid and Sandy resume their old love?

Diann Shaddox's A Faded Cottage is an extremely romantic novel, and tends to sentimental and emotional with flowery language.  However, the characters are likeable, the dialogue is surprisingly natural, and Shaddox describes Quaid's disease, Essential Tremors, and the effect that it has on him, well.  I also liked the descriptions of the Atlantic coast.

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